Is cigar smoking beneficial to our health?


This is a question worth the thought of many people around the world.  As the health hazards brought by cigarette smoking are already known to many people and now, so much awareness is a focus to the public, around the world.  There are many restrictions now, that is being imposed, regarding cigarette smoking in the whole world.  Packages even are required to bear images of the diseases that smoking cigarettes bring.  However, still, millions around the world are not affected and continue to smoke, even if prices for cigarettes are purposely doubled or tripled.  We cannot say that these people are not afraid of the diseases after all, nor, they are not affected financially.  But, there is one common notion about cigarette smoking that everybody knows; “It is addictive.”


About the cigar

Although Cuba is more famous when it comes to cigar, it does not originate there.  It started somewhere in the Americas and later on passed to the Mayan’s, which they call it Sikar, which means smoking to them.  The Spaniards may get the name, and they called it cigarro, where the present name cigar was derived.  Columbus also landed in America; he found out that the natives already are using tobacco.


Why Cuba?

Cubas fertile land and temperate climate is the reason why cigar was vastly grown in the country.  All the ingredients of a cigar, from the wrapper, filler and the bender are all grown in the island.  Merchant ships are the one that transports these goods to the markets in Europe and Asia.  Until such time that Spain got the monopoly of the cigar industry, they didn’t allow Cuban cigar growers to sell to anyone, but, Spain alone. That monopoly lasted until 1817.  And now, a cigar is popular worldwide.


The benefits

A cigar as always is described as synonymous with health hazards.  But, many cigar smokers can attest to the benefits that it brings to the people who used it.  For them, the benefits they are getting exceed the risk that is assumed that comes with it.  Here are the few benefits that they insist that they are getting from the smoking cigar.

  1. Lower blood pressure. For them, cigar smoking brings so much relaxation to them, which in turn has the effect of lowering their blood pressure.
  2. Mental health. They also argue that a person, who get the benefits of relaxation and enjoyment, will also result in good mental health.
  3. Weight reduction. Another benefit that a cigar can bring to people smoking it is its ability to help in weight reduction.  Many cigar smokers are convinced that it is effective in weight reduction.
  4. Repel insects. The cigar can also be a good insect repellant while outdoors, that keeps you protected from any diseases brought about by insects.

These are some benefits that cigar smoking brings, but, the bulk of the deciding factor still comes from you.  In the old school, there is a role that until now is worth applying. “Too much of everything is bad.” If you do decide to take up cigar smoking you will need a good cigar humidor. For tips and reviews on cigar humidors visit

How To Set-Up Your Humidor

The initial step one should consider when contemplating how to set up a humidor up is whether one loves cigars to value possessing said thing in any way. Way too many men purchase a great humidor, perch it in a somewhat high visibility area (not overly visible, of course — someplace only subtle enough to seem like you weren’t clearly expecting someone would say: “Hey, pleasant humidor!” even though you were completely expecting that), and leave a couple of cigars inside for another 36 months. First, you want to get a good humidor.

Now remember that even in the event that you just smoke the occasional cigar, as well as in the event that you just want a few around in case of a publicity/infant/big-game hunting excursion party, a great humidor is not even close to a superfluous novelty thing; it’s a method to maintain your cigars as clean and abundant as you possibly can. To that end, realize that picking a humidor to fit your needs might have little to do with esthetics. For a few men, a Tupperware container might satisfy wonderful, understand?

We’re heading to have a middle of the road strategy and talk about the institution of a humidor that seems great, helps maintain cigars, and won’t split the financial institution.

Incidentally, if you’re a skilled DIY carpenter sort of individual, you might want to take into account the best way to assemble your humidor! It’s a problem to which I say “The hell with that!” but hey if this looks to you personally like fun, go for it:

Now for these folks who aren’t learning carpenters (and who don’t have hours of spare time, both), here’s a mo-Re reasonable primer on creating a humidor.

Preparing Your New Humidor

The procedure of planning a humidor is frequently called “seasoning a humidor,” FYI, so in case you hear somebody chatting about seasoning a humidor, they truly are only fancypants. Now… here you season a humidor that is new!

The Best Cigar Humidors


Cigars have become an exclusive high-end as more positions nix indoor smoking across the nation. It is no surprise that more men are picking up a background humidor to maintain their smokes. Here are the five best cigar humidors out there for men who would like without letting them out of sight, to care for the cigars. For more reviews visit

If you consider the claim of the brand to have created the initial humidor, Davidoff makes a few of the most effective unit’s cash can purchase. Having said that, the reason that nearly every Wall Street hotshot and Gordon Gecko since has gravitated toward these statement pieces that are desktop computer has nothing related to everything and craftsmanship related to name recognition. That does not mean they are not amazing – they’re – but that buyers are paying for merchandise as well as stature. The smallest unit within their portfolio (where costs can reach thousands of dollars) is the Desktop Macassar, a stately humidor with enough room to get a couple of thick Cubans. Break it swivel in your seat open by the end of an extended day, and take in the few of southern Manhattan.

Instead of using the same woods that were uncommon as most other businesses, Adorini chose to create a humidor that goes into a man cave. The Black Slate Deluxe is powerful and sleek, featuring the most effective humidification systems in the marketplace. In the carton, air circulating grooves keep hydrated, restricting the possibility of serious problems that were burned. In the event you are so inclined, you can write directly making notes on humidity, keeping track of the cigars indoors, while you draw in, or simply drawing.

The only humidors designed using the Boveda humidification system are now made by the people behind the infamous Ashton brand. A cedar tray in every humidor carries as many Boveda two-way humidity packs as you want; once the fool-proof, packets that are calibrated are dry, you replace and only discard. And also the units are not only practical. The humidors come in some of the finishes – olive ash burl, mahogany, Santos rosewood, ebony Macassar – and sizes. They have got something perfect for you in the event you are a serious smoker.

The Zino Acrylic Humidor is among the very fairly priced humidors in the Zino portfolio plus the most effective in the marketplace, although it might appear to be gift packaging for purchase in the Apple Store. Acrylic makes for seams that are tighter, along with the nonporous stuff means less humidity consumed and is lost than using a wooden unit. It is now offered in blue and clear versions, with costs of $525 and $320 respectively (enterprising buyers may additionally have the ability to discover a gray “smoke” version, that has been recently discontinued). The additional advantage? It’s possible for you to tell when you are running without shutting and opening the lid, which means that your smokes do not dry out.

We prefer to believe that after Washington had chopped down that cherry tree, he did something using the wood. If not, he should have taken a cue from Diamond Crown, using cherry wood to wonderful effect inside their series that was American. The appealing hardwood body conceals an easy humidity system and also Spanish cedar insides: An easy-to-see water line let us users understand when it is time to get a refill. There is no importance of sachets or sponges thanks to the America workmanship that is fair. It’s designed having a system that is user-friendly humidity. The additional advantage to the look of the piece is the fact that an easy-to-see water line lets you know when it’s time to refill, without touch-testing sponges or shaking a jar filled with science fiction prepared crystals, to depend in your smokes to be just good when you return from crossing the Delaware.

How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

cigar humidor

You might not understand the way that it works, although you might have known of the phrase humidor and understand that it’s very important to keeping your cigars if you’re new to the world of cigars. All of us have to begin someplace. Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a present for the cigar lover in your lifetime, and you also would like to learn more about the way that it works and exactly what a humidor is. And that’s amazing! You came to the appropriate location. Let’s walk you using this significant section of your cigar avocation.

The Purpose of a Humidor

The humidor keeps your cigars but uses several elements to produce an environment that is ideal for the cigars to be kept in. These perfect surroundings control the relative humidity of the interior of the carton, allowing the correct amount of moisture inside to help maintain your cigars without becoming them wet or dry out as well as the temperature. The cigar’s flavor is likely to be adversely impacted, and no one needs that. Maintaining your cigars because the sweet spot of humidity and a perfect temperature is what is going to keep your cigars tasting excellent. Keeping that balance of humidity comes down to two parts of your humidor working in combination with each other: the humidifier kept within as well as the Spanish cedar making up the carton.

Spanish Cedar

Most humidors in the marketplace possess a liner of Spanish cedar. This wood is used most frequently due to its properties to absorb and release moisture creating an even humidity as frequently as you can. This can be why many cigar trays for humidors are manufactured from the same cedar wood. It is going to absorb the wetness to make an effort to achieve equilibrium when there exists more wetness outside the wood. For this reason, you should season your humidor before keeping your cigars by moistening the cedar the cedar begins to pull moisture from your cigars themselves, which might defeat the point of a humidor.


The humidifier is what keeps humidity and the witness on stage. Once a humidor continues to be seasoned and loaded with cigars, a humidifier keeps supplying the witness for the interior of the carton, enabling the cigars to remain in the proper humidity as well as the cedar to consume any excess wetness, and release it back should the humidifier run a small low. There are lots of types of humidifiers out there, with choices which range from florist foam-established blocks that consume water that is distilled to beads or more complex pouches or gel -based humidifiers. Whichever version you like best, ensure that you check out the directions on when to recharge them with alternative moisturizing agents or more distilled water. These humidifiers will have additionally just last to get some timeframe, so make sure to replace them as needed.

Tracking Your Humidity having a Hygrometer

Another crucial element to any humidor is the hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity in the humidor, letting you track when fixing the humidity in and you must recharge the humidifier. You are interested in an optimum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and a great relative humidity of 70%. Getting a hygrometer (either digital or analog) to track this can help you detect any shifts in the humidity or temperature to help you adjust properly rather than destroy your cigars. Make sure you inspect the hygrometer at least one time weekly to ensure the humidity is remaining in the amount that is appropriate. Make sure to also calibrate your hygrometer to be able to maintain the readings as precise as you possibly can.