How Does a Cigar Humidor Work?

cigar humidor

You might not understand the way that it works, although you might have known of the phrase humidor and understand that it’s very important to keeping your cigars if you’re new to the world of cigars. All of us have to begin someplace. Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a present for the cigar lover in your lifetime, and you also would like to learn more about the way that it works and exactly what a humidor is. And that’s amazing! You came to the appropriate location. Let’s walk you using this significant section of your cigar avocation.

The Purpose of a Humidor

The humidor keeps your cigars but uses several elements to produce an environment that is ideal for the cigars to be kept in. These perfect surroundings control the relative humidity of the interior of the carton, allowing the correct amount of moisture inside to help maintain your cigars without becoming them wet or dry out as well as the temperature. The cigar’s flavor is likely to be adversely impacted, and no one needs that. Maintaining your cigars because the sweet spot of humidity and a perfect temperature is what is going to keep your cigars tasting excellent. Keeping that balance of humidity comes down to two parts of your humidor working in combination with each other: the humidifier kept within as well as the Spanish cedar making up the carton.

Spanish Cedar

Most humidors in the marketplace possess a liner of Spanish cedar. This wood is used most frequently due to its properties to absorb and release moisture creating an even humidity as frequently as you can. This can be why many cigar trays for humidors are manufactured from the same cedar wood. It is going to absorb the wetness to make an effort to achieve equilibrium when there exists more wetness outside the wood. For this reason, you should season your humidor before keeping your cigars by moistening the cedar the cedar begins to pull moisture from your cigars themselves, which might defeat the point of a humidor.


The humidifier is what keeps humidity and the witness on stage. Once a humidor continues to be seasoned and loaded with cigars, a humidifier keeps supplying the witness for the interior of the carton, enabling the cigars to remain in the proper humidity as well as the cedar to consume any excess wetness, and release it back should the humidifier run a small low. There are lots of types of humidifiers out there, with choices which range from florist foam-established blocks that consume water that is distilled to beads or more complex pouches or gel -based humidifiers. Whichever version you like best, ensure that you check out the directions on when to recharge them with alternative moisturizing agents or more distilled water. These humidifiers will have additionally just last to get some timeframe, so make sure to replace them as needed.

Tracking Your Humidity having a Hygrometer

Another crucial element to any humidor is the hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity in the humidor, letting you track when fixing the humidity in and you must recharge the humidifier. You are interested in an optimum temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and a great relative humidity of 70%. Getting a hygrometer (either digital or analog) to track this can help you detect any shifts in the humidity or temperature to help you adjust properly rather than destroy your cigars. Make sure you inspect the hygrometer at least one time weekly to ensure the humidity is remaining in the amount that is appropriate. Make sure to also calibrate your hygrometer to be able to maintain the readings as precise as you possibly can.

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