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How To Set-Up Your Humidor

The initial step one should consider when contemplating how to set up a humidor up is whether one loves cigars to value possessing said thing in any way. Way too many men purchase a great humidor, perch it in a somewhat high visibility area (not overly visible, of course — someplace only subtle enough to seem like you weren’t clearly expecting someone would say: “Hey, pleasant humidor!” even though you were completely expecting that), and leave a couple of cigars inside for another 36 months. First, you want to get a good humidor.

Now remember that even in the event that you just smoke the occasional cigar, as well as in the event that you just want a few around in case of a publicity/infant/big-game hunting excursion party, a great humidor is not even close to a superfluous novelty thing; it’s a method to maintain your cigars as clean and abundant as you possibly can. To that end, realize that picking a humidor to fit your needs might have little to do with esthetics. For a few men, a Tupperware container might satisfy wonderful, understand?

We’re heading to have a middle of the road strategy and talk about the institution of a humidor that seems great, helps maintain cigars, and won’t split the financial institution.

Incidentally, if you’re a skilled DIY carpenter sort of individual, you might want to take into account the best way to assemble your humidor! It’s a problem to which I say “The hell with that!” but hey if this looks to you personally like fun, go for it:

Now for these folks who aren’t learning carpenters (and who don’t have hours of spare time, both), here’s a mo-Re reasonable primer on creating a humidor.

Preparing Your New Humidor

The procedure of planning a humidor is frequently called “seasoning a humidor,” FYI, so in case you hear somebody chatting about seasoning a humidor, they truly are only fancypants. Now… here you season a humidor that is new!